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Amazing Rhythm Aces
Armadillo World Headquarters

December 11 - 12, 1975
11" x 17" (27.9cm x 43.18cm)

The first of two Amazing Rhythm Aces poster that I was to do for the Armadillo, this one celebrated the white-trashiness of their hit song, Third Rate Romance-Low Rent Rendezvous. Woven within this skein were many overt references to the playing cards referenced in the last word of the band’s name. The most obvious of these is the four aces and their respective suits which are gigantic avatars of the musicians themselves. Others include the two-dimensional king and queen which ride upon a bicycle – itself a reference to a brand of cards, and the mail box on the corner, an exclusive receptacle for “playing cards” only. Between that corner, the cyclists and the avatars resides the Family Inn, the infamous setting of the drama chronicled by the song.


This poster was the first of two that I would do for The Amazing Rhythm Aces at the Armadillo World Headquarters. When they played in mid-December of 1975, their Third Rate Romance, Low Rent Rendezvous was a big hit across the nation. This poster is basically an homage to that song. The Aces were a powerfully rocked, souped-up jug band that just shook the floor, sending musical vapors around your feet and forcing you to dance. Fronted by the Cate Brothers, this fabulous foursome from Georgia was the incarnation of the fun of music in that decade. And it had found a genuine home at the Armadillo. Spirits were high that night with the Christmas of ’75 less than two weeks away. That day the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar had opened its doors for a run that still continues here in the bowels of the Twenty-first century. It was a festive day, and the concert that night just squared the value of that festivity. The one impression that I recall of that show were the smiles that were literally all around.

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